About Us

Three Sisters Candle Co is a local handcrafted small family business in McMinnville, TN. We like most others, have always loved burning candles in our home. There's something about the ambiance of a candle flame flickering in a dark room that relaxes your mind and soul. You have to admit, there's no better feeling than relaxing in a clean house with your favorite candle scenting the entire room on a lazy Saturday at home with your family. In the summer of 2019, an opportunity arose for us to find a new hobby. Candles immediately came to mind, but we had no idea where to even begin. We knew we loved candles, and we knew all of our favorite scents without really even having to think about it. What we didn't know is what really striked our passion for candle making. Through our research, we learned that our past years of candle burning had been releasing chemicals into our home and our bodies! This led to our love for 100% Natural Soy wax, and we haven't looked back since! It's a wonderful feeling knowing our family can now burn candles that are clean and environmentally friendly and still enjoy all of the same benefits we did before our journey began. We have candles in every room of the house now. Each of our three daughters also have their own favorite scents in their rooms, and we can now feel good about it!


Our mission to you as your candle maker:
We promise to use ingredients in our process that are better for you and our environment, such as:
-All Natural Soy Wax, from USA grown Soy Beans
-High Quality, Phthalate-Free Fragrance Oils
-All Cotton, Lead and Zinc Free, Wicks